Update from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

Half term approaches, the sun is literally scorching the skies and yet our students continue to impress with their work ethic and passion.

As I write this on the last day of the half term our Year 11s are sitting a 2hr 15 minute English literature exam critiquing 19th century poetry, our Year 8 geographers are comparing population density in tiger south east Asian economies and our Year 9s are conducting experiments on combustible elements of hydro carbons. My point is that, with only an hour of school left, I have seen such great things on my learning walk today. learning is at the core here each and every minute and i’m glad that this grows and grows.

Today we bid adieu to our Year 11s. They will return after Half Term for exams and intervention but we have there leaves assembly and BBQ today. Over the last two years I have come to truly love this Year group in their times of success, challenge and quirky sensibilities. Speaking to them over this exam period they have some words of wisdom for the lower years and indeed to you, their parents. I cannot give names but please see their pearls below:

“My mum doesn’t know about the subjects but she gives me a place to work, feeds me lots and asks lots of questions. That’s my advice to a little kids parent. Do this all teh time and your kid will be a success” (D, a year 11 boy)

“Don’t leave it to the last minute. Year 10, make revision notes now, don’t waste time. In One Year you will be where we are, don’t make the mistake i nearly did” (H, Year 11 girl)

“Trust the teachers. When they are moaning and nagging its because they actually care. Go to all the revision, do all the homework and download the apps. They really help” (B, Year 11 boy)

and finally… (My personal favourite)

​”Wow, i cant believe its nearly over. My advice is simple really. Enjoy it and work hard. Our school is the best place in the world, don’t take it for granted” (L, Year 11 girl)

Not much more I need to add. Have a great half term, enjoy the sun and enjoy the time you get to spend with family / friends.


Yours faithfully,


Mr A Ali



28 May 2017