Types And Levels of SEN











School Action

This means that the school is providing support for a student that is additional to what a class teacher would normally arrange within a whole class setting.
This might involve implementing specific teaching strategies to meet a student’s special needs, shared TA support or the use of adapted equipment/materials.

School Action Plus

School Action support continues but additional provision is made, usually involving external professionals e.g. educational psychologist, EWO, FASS,  clinical psychologist, etc.  It might also include specialist teaching programmes and group work. School Action Plus reviews should be held at least twice a year.


The Local Authority makes an assessment of a student and produces a statement setting out the student’s special needs and allocating funds for providing support. This support may typically include a certain amount of in class Teaching Assistant support plus specialist programmes, resources or equipment. An annual review must be held each year, reviewing the statement and the provision.
Students’ needs do not remain static and it is hoped that the provision made will enable students to make progress to the extent that they no longer require such intensive interventions. Students can therefore move between stages as appropriate.
In line with national and local authority policies, we aim to reduce the need for statutory assessments. In the majority of cases effective support can be provided at school action plus. A referral for statutory assessment is usually only made if a specialist placement is required.


Please contact the school to find out more. Miss M Pillbrow, Inclusion Manager 0208 974 1156 ext. 229