Individual Needs Introduction

Policy on Providing for children with Special Educational Needs

Students receive support appropriate to the type and severity of their individual needs. Our inclusive approach means that most support takes place in mainstream lessons, using one or more of the following strategies:

  1. High quality, differentiated teaching
  2. Teaching which is adapted to take account of specialist advice
  3. Modified resources and equipment
  4. Additional adults deployed to provide support for the students, the teacher and the curriculum.

Teaching assistants work within Faculty teams, supporting students in all year groups in one or two subject areas. This enables them to provide specialist and subject-specific support. This system also encourages students to become independent learners, rather than becoming over reliant on one adult. For those students who still need a named, significant, adult, a ‘key worker’ system is in place. The key worker meets with the student on a weekly basis to monitor progress and provision. The key worker may also deliver structured mentoring sessions.

Please contact the school to find out more. Miss M Pilbrow, Inclusion Manager 0208 974 1156 Ext 229