High Attainers

When students are identified as High Attainers, they are placed on the High Attainers register.

Each Assistant Principal Faculty Leader then ensures that High Attainers are taught by teachers who will design schemes of work and learning opportunities which will stretch and challenge these students.

Extra-curricular opportunities are available, organised by faculties and designed to offer High Attainers further opportunities to develop their skills and capabilities. In core subjects, Maths and English, early GCSE examination entry is available which stretches High Attainers and enable them to be supported to attain the highest grade available at the end of KS4. A Level preparation is also a feature of all faculties’ summer term schemes of work.

In all year group faculty and subject leaders monitor students’ progress rigorously to ensure that no High Attainer falls behind and we set aspirational targets, expecting our High Attainers to be constantly on track to make at least 4 levels of progress by the end of KS4.

Please contact the school to find out more. Phone 0208 974 1156