Our sports are central to our ethos and our relentless focus on outstanding achievement.  We teach an extensive range of sport and physical education courses.  We demand the very highest standards in these courses.  We also believe that our sports supports standards across the curriculum, both by creating a general sense of achievement in students and through supporting effective teaching in other areas.  However, in addition to outstanding academic achievement, we believe in developing confident and healthy members of the community.

We have excellent sporting amenities including a spacious sports hall, climbing wall and all-weather outdoor pitches.  Our first-class facilities are available to our students and the wider public.

Sport is not our only area of excellence.  We continue to meet the needs of the most academically and intellectually able students.  Every year, large numbers of students move on to higher education including some of the most prestigious universities.  The performing and visual arts are a real strength.  High quality science and technology courses are taught in high quality labs and workshops.

We are proud of our sports and we are also proud of the many other areas of excellence.