Accelerated Learning

Many of our children come to us with extremely high achievement and high potential for excelling in their studies.  Therefore, from entry to the school through to GCSEs and A levels, these children undertake a programme that ensures that they are supported to achieve their full potential.  At GCSE, this means that selected children follow a particularly demanding timetable of subjects including early completion of selected GCSEs and early entry on to selected A level courses.   This programme begins in Year 7 with careful selection of the children who are placed in the top sets so that they are fully prepared from the start of their time at the school for this challenging programme.  The programme for each child selected for the accelerated learning programme is tailored to meet their individual needs.  Selection for this programme is based on primary school SAT scores, information from primary school teachers and initial assessments conducted at our school.

A programme for outstanding learners

Each year, the provision for outstanding learners is reviewed.  A typical curriculum for these students starting with us in September 2015 is outlined below.

The accelerated programme is designed to ensure that outstanding learners are stretched and challenged so that they achieve their full potential.  Students will be entered for an examination as soon as they are ready to get the highest grade.

  • Year 7: accelerated learners class for maths, science, languages and our innovative Skill 7 course (English, history, geography, RE, ICT)
  • Year 8: accelerated learners class for English, maths, science, languages and our Skill 8 course (history, geography, RE)
  • Year 9: begin GCSE studies in all subjects (including if appropriate the opportunity of a one-year accelerated GCSE course in an optional subject such as Spanish or music)
  • Year 10: continue GCSE courses, complete two optional GCSE courses (with the possibility of completion of maths GCSE for students who will attain an A* a year early)
  • Year 11: complete GCSE programme plus undertake a one-year accelerated GCSE course OR if appropriate start an A level course
  • Years 12 and 13: A levels and enrichment programme to ensure the opportunity of access to premier universities and the best jobs