About Our School

Welcome to our school.

Chessington School is a high performing school that keeps all children at our very centre. In a brand new 21st Century facility our children enjoy the excellent learning, enrichment and opportunities in a first class environment. As a result we are well on the way from being Good school to being a Great school.

We are a mixed secondary for all young people in the local area; serving South Kingston Upon Thames and the very north of Surrey. We are a true community school that involves all in the community in every aspect of what we do. We believe that every child can achieve great things when supported by excellent teachers, a challenging curriculum and engaged families.

If you are looking at this website then you likely wanting to see if we are the place for your child or a child in your family. We make some simple promises to our parents and families.

Everyone at Chessington is Valued. We care deeply about our students and our staff. We do all we can to ensure each child is known, that they are happy and they make progress in their learning based on our knowledge of how they best learn. We are highly inclusive and very successful with students that are on track for Oxbridge or those that need significant support from our excellent team. This is our first promise.

Everyday at Chessington is an Opportunity. Our children can be as busy at seven in the morning trampolining, running or preparing for Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls as they may be at five thirty in the afternoon at booster sessions, wake boarding or at dissection club. School is more than just lessons, it’s a journey of many memories. Lessons, most importantly, are great opportunities for knowledge, critical thinking and personal development. We expect our students to take full advantage of all of these opportunities. This is our second promise.

Every moment at Chessington is focused on success. Results are not the only thing that matters but they do matter. They are the doorway to life chances and so every moment at Chessington we seek opportunities to ensure excellent academic outcomes. We are forensic in our monitoring, rigorous in our support and relentless in driving our students to achieve more than they believe they could. Irrespective of prior learning and results, we make great academic progress with our students. Our third promise.

We are proud of our school. Don’t just take these words, come and visit us yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

Daytime tours can be arranged should prospective parents and students wish to visit us. Please telephone 020 8974 1156 to make an appointment.