Year 7 Students Visit Battle of Hastings

A summary by Noah and Benjamin (7EMe-F)

On the 17th of October year 7 went on a trip to where the Battle of Hastings took place. The coach journey was fun and shorter than we expected it to be.

When we got there we all went inside the abbey to view its beauty. We read about the monks and a part of the battle of Hastings. On the way out we went through lots of bushes towards the spot were Harold Godwinson died – half of us almost got lost! There were lots of flowers there as the battle of Hastings anniversary was the day before.

We then visited the gift shop. There were things as varied as wooden swords, playing cards, sweets and treats and lots more which we all enjoyed to play with/eat – especially the cross bows. You’re probably wondering what else we did. Well we went to watch a film on the actual war that took place at Hastings. There were some sad things, some really cool things and of course there were some interesting things.

Then came the reinactment. We found a steep hill which made it a bit hard for us Normans to charge up and attack which wasn’t really helped by the fact I fell over a few times and did a roly poly down the hill. Mind you it was fun!

Eventually, when the Norman’s managed to climb to the top of the hill, us Norms managed to kill off the Anglo-Saxons – well they kind of ran off which made it a bit easier. Later we went off to the museum to learn a few things that the Anglo-Saxons and French used to prepare for this major battle. This was great and fascinating as it had loads, and I mean loads, of things you never knew about those times. It was really fun and I am more than willing to visit Hastings again in the future. All in all, going to Hastings was a super day out.

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